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AssureQA stands out in the crowded automation testing landscape. With scenario-based testing, user-friendly English-like interfaces, and a no-code approach, it’s accessible to everyone. Our tool supports diverse testing, from Cross Browser to API and more. With reusable variables, multi-browser platform support, and machine learning enabled reliability, AssureQA offers efficiency and precision.



Our team is a dynamic blend of visionary founders, skilled software engineers, and AI specialists dedicated to revolutionizing automation testing. With a commitment to innovation and expertise in AI technology, we’re poised to deliver cutting-edge solutions that streamline testing processes and drive digital transformation for our clients.

Bringing the magic of automation to every testing scenario


To empower organizations of all sizes to achieve unparalleled efficiency and reliability in software testing through our AI-powered low code/no code automation platform. By democratizing testing automation, we aim to simplify the testing process, reduce time-to-market, and enhance overall software quality.


Our vision is to revolutionize the way software testing is approached globally by harnessing the power of AI and low code/no code technology. We aspire to be the go-to solution for businesses seeking effortless, and intelligent automation, enabling them to innovate with confidence and drive digital transformation seamlessly.

                                              From Complexity to Clarity: Streamline Testing with Low Code/No Code, AI Mastery


                                                                                                           Main Pillars of AssureQA



Rajesh is a seasoned technologist with over two decades of professional expertise in conceptualizing and constructing technology platforms. Renowned for his pivotal role in establishing testing centers of excellence across diverse organizations, Rajesh specializes in setting up advanced testing laboratories for ERP applications spanning HCM, Financials, Projects, Banking, among others. Based in Australia, he spearheads AssureQA's global testing initiatives, with his Australian office overseeing the JAPAC region, while the India Development and Testing Centre manages operations in the EU, US, and MEA regions. A sought-after speaker at prestigious forums such as OpenWorld, OZHUG, and InSync, Rajesh champions testing and quality, fostering excellence in people, processes, and tools. Beyond his professional pursuits, Rajesh is an avid fitness enthusiast who relishes spending quality time with his family and indulging in soccer matches.



Steen is a passionate technology enthusiast renowned for his adeptness in orchestrating large teams comprising diverse technology and business experts. His primary expertise lies in devising robust operational frameworks that foster seamless collaboration among technology teams, enabling them to develop solutions that effortlessly address customer needs. As the Chief Architect at AssureQA, Steen is entrusted with overseeing both overarching vertical and intricate horizontal operational business models, catering to the dynamic demands of emerging technologies such as AI and DevOps. With a career rooted in QA automation engineering, Steen has contributed to over 20 projects across various domains, assuming versatile roles throughout his journey. He possesses a flair for nurturing client success through the promotion of employee agility and cultivates enduring relationships with team members to cultivate a profoundly customer-centric organizational culture.


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